Wildlife artist John Banovich teams with architect Jerome Diepenbrock to create an intimate space that works.
written By Lawrence w. Cheek
Photography By Henry Ngan, Studio 3 Inc.

John Banovich is a man of fierce determination and tight discipline and thus knew precisely what qualities he wanted for his new studio. A remote, isolated, forested setting with many bears for neighbors. Good road access for shuttling big canvases and welcoming up to 100 people for workshops and fundraisers. A refuge so intimate and personal that he could nurture his “true self” in it. A room so cavernous he could back 50 feet away to study a big painting in progress. The feeling of a barn. The feeling of a womb. The feeling of a lair, a home base for a world-roaming adventurer. Banovich wanted the impossible, a farrago of contradictions.