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“Now more than ever, we need to expand the message about the vital importance of the world’s natural places and utilize the forceful role that artists can leverage in the efforts to conserve them."

– John Banovich

About - Wildlife Art of John Banovich

John Banovich (b.1964) is an American contemporary oil painter known internationally for his large, dramatic portrayals of iconic wildlife. Today, Banovich’s work is admired and collected globally by prominent politicians, entertainers, business leaders and art collectors. His work can be found in private collections, corporate offices and museums throughout the world.

Through my artwork, I hope to move, reveal and inspire people to seek a deeper understanding of the world around us and bring together groups of individuals to unite on a common ground. Our natural world is severely threatened and with this increased pressure, a new paradigm must emerge...artists, conservationists, sportsmen and environmentalists must come together in areas of overlapping interests."

– John Banovich


John Banovich is known internationally for his large, dramatic portrayals of iconic wildlife.  His life-sized elephant painting “Once Upon A Time” drew global attention to ivory poaching and his deep knowledge of wildlife and unwavering commitment to conservation continues to raise awareness about imperiled species. 

In 2007 John Banovich founded the Banovich Wildscapes Foundation. It is the culmination of tireless conservation efforts over the past decades. Through his career as an artist, Banovich has inspired a deeper understanding of the world and its wildlife, encouraging successful conservation efforts and awareness of endangered species and their habitats.  

Under the umbrella of his Banovich Wildscapes Foundation, money generated through artwork sales has been channeled back into support efforts that promote habitat protection, science-based wildlife management and sustainable tourism. 

Banovich's work is in important museum, corporate and private collections and has appeared in numerous prestigious venues including the Hiram Blauvelt Art Museum, Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, National Museum of Wildlife Art, Wildlife Experience Art Museum, Salmagundi Club, Museum of the Southwest, Natural History Museum, Gilcrease Museum, traveling exhibitions sponsored by the Society of Animal Artists, and Artists for Conservation. Most recently Banovich was featured in a traveling museum exhibition titled The King of Beasts: A Study of the African Lion.  As an internationally recognized artist who has studied lions for decades, and the Founder of the Lion P.R.I.D.E. Initiative, the body of work created for this exhibition served as an homage to these animals and explores questions about mankind’s deep fear, love, and admiration for these creatures. The exhibition spanned nearly twenty-five years of work, and assembles Banovich’s body of work focused on African Lions for the very first time. As the plight of the African Lion continues to be prominently featured across media platforms, the cultural significance of Panthera leo could not be timelier.

In the press, Banovich’s work has been showcased on Forbes, CBS Entertainment Tonight, The Outdoor Channel, The Great American Country Channel, Orion Entertainment, PBS, Southwest Art Magazine, Western Art Collector Magazine, Cowboys & Indians Magazine, Sporting Classics, Western Art & Architecture, and most recently NBC has written about his dedication to his conservation work and named him an NBC Cause Celebrity.

“I started the Banovich Wildscapes Foundation as a way to give something back to the world that has given so much to me. The name WILDSCAPES refers to large abundant landscapes…wild, balanced and intact ecosystems. There is nothing more important to future generations than wildlife and wild lands. Special places that lift our minds, replenish our spirits and renew our passion for living."

- John Banovich, Artist/Conservationist 


In 2007 John Banovich founded the Banovich Wildscapes Foundation. It is the culmination of tireless conservation efforts over the past two decades. Through his career as an artist, Banovich has inspired a deeper understanding of the world and its wildlife, encouraging successful conservation efforts and awareness of endangered species and their habitats. Traveling across the world seeking inspiration for his work, John has utilized these opportunities to research wildlife and to learn about associated conservation challenges at the local, regional, and national levels. Through his career, artwork and his publishing company, Banovich Art, Banovich has developed effective ways to help implement and support conservation programs and is utilizing his imagery to promote a message of wildlife preservation and to initiate real change - BWF is making a difference.  Currently BWF supports eleven projects in seven countries.




University of Montana, Art & Zoology, Missoula, MT
Art Institute of Seattle, Associates Degree-Visual Communications, Seattle, WA


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National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, Prix de West Invitational, Oklahoma City, OK, 1999-2021
Southeastern Wildlife Art Exposition, 1993, 1995, 1996, Feature Artist: 1998, Guest Artist: 1997, 1999, 2000, 2003, 2010, 2016, 2018, 2021
The Witte Museum,  KING OF BEASTS Exhibition, San Antonio, TX, April-September 2020
Nevada Museum of Art, KING OF BEASTS Exhibition, November 2019-February 2020
Seattle Art Fair, Seattle, WA, August, 2019
Behring Global Education Foundation, Keynote Speaker, The Power of Art to Increase Awareness for Conservation, Wuhan Natural History Museum, Wuhan China, July 2018
Safari Club International, 1995-2021
Dallas Safari Club, Dallas, TX, 1995-2021
Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, Birds in Art, Wausau, WI, 1997-2006, 2011, 2015, 2016, 2017
Society of Animal Artists, Art and the Animal Exhibition, 1998-2016
Artists for Conservation, Vancouver, B.C., 2009, 2017
Houston Safari Club, Houston, TX, 2015
Safari Club International Miniature Invitational, Las Vegas, NV, 2015
Settler’s West Gallery, American Miniature Show, Tucson, AZ, 2008-2015
Scottsdale Art Auction, Scottsdale, AZ, 2015
Jackson Hole Art Auction, Jackson Hole, WY, 2013-2015
Coeur d’Alene Art Auctiion, Reno, NV, 2014, 2015
Wildlife Experience Museum and Museum of the Southwest, Nature of the Beast, Solo Exhibition, 2010
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The City Gallery at Waterfront Park, One Man Exhibition, Charleston, SC, 2005
Society of Animal Artists, Animals in Art Holiday Exhibition, Miami Metro Zoo, Miami, FL, 2004
Hiram Blauvelt Museum, Solo Exhibition, Oradell, NJ, 2002
J.N. Bartfield Gallery, Nature’s Legacy: Wildlife and Wild Country, New York, NY, 2002
Phillips Auction House, Rhino Rescue, London, England, 2001
Everard Read Gallery, Natural History Paintings and Sculpture, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2000
Trailside Galleries, Wildlife Discovery, Scottsdale AZ, 2000
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The Houstonian, One Man Exhibition, Houston, TX, 1996
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Wild Wings, Designs in Nature, Seattle WA
Northwest Invitational, Howard Mandeville Gallery
Prestige Gallery, Original Art Showcase, Ontario, Canada
Nature in Art Museum, Gloucester, England

Selected Publications

KING OF BEASTS: A Study of the African Lion by John Banovich, Live Oak Press, 2019
BEAST: The Collected Works of John Banovich, Banovich Fine Art Publishing, 2009
Two Hearts in Tanzania: Dick and Mary Cabela's Hunting Chronicles II by Mary Cabela and Richard N. Cabela

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Shikar Safari Club, Member, 2007-Present
Safari Club International Foundation, Advisory Board Member, 2015-Present
Ivan Carter Wildlife Conservation Alliance, Board Member, 2016-Present
Craighead Institute, Board of Directors & Member, 2007-Present
Banovich Wildscapes Foundation, Founder/CEO, 2007-Present
Lion P.R.I.D.E. Initiative, Founder, 2007
Society of Animal Artists, Distinguished Member, 1998-Present
Artists for Conservation, 2009-Present
Society of Animal Artists, Board Member, 2004-2008
Safari Club International “Conservation Alliance” Project, Co-Founder, 2007
Safari Club International Foundation Humanitarian Services, “Tatu” Project, Co-Founder, 2006


Artists for Conservation, Best in Show for Painting,”Game of Lions”, Vancouver, B.C., 2015
Artists for Conservation, Medal of Excellence”, Vancouver, B.C., 2015
Jackson Hole Art Auction, Top Tier Artist, Jackson Hole, WY, 2014, 2015
Safari Club International, C.J McElroy Award, 2010
National Indie Coffee Table Book Award for “BEAST: The Collected Works of John Banovich”, 2010
Society of Animal Artists, Presidential Artistic Achievement Award, 2009
Artists for Conservation, Simon Combes Conservation Award, “Shelter from the Storm,” 2009
Society of Animal Artists, Award of Excellence, “End of Days,” 2008
Society of Animal Artists, Presidential Artistic Achievement Award, “A Giant Among Giants,” 2007
National Rifle Association, Artist of the Year, “Echoes in Gold,” 2007
Worldwide Nature Artist’s Group, Conservation Artist of the Month, April 2006
Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Artist of the Year, “Royal Performance,” 2005
The Artist’s Magazine, Second Place Animal Art, “The Gathering Place,” 2005
The Artist’s Magazine, Landscape Category Finalist, “Under the Baobab,” 2004
The Artist’s Magazine, Animal Art Category Finalist, “Beauties and the Beasts,” 2004
Safari Club International, The People’s Choice Award, 2003
Society of Animal Artists, Award of Excellence, 2001
Society of Animal Artists, Award of Excellence, 2000
Society of Animal Artists, Award of Excellence, “White Rhino and Plovers,” 1997
Society of Animal Artists, Wildlife Art News Award, “The Defensive Line,” 1997
Pacific Rim Wildlife Art Show, People’s Choice Award, “Heading for Deep Water,” 1996
Society of Animal Artists, Activities Press Award, “104th Congress,” 1996
The Artist’s Magazine, Animal Art Category Finalist, “The Defensive Line,” 1995
Game Coin Show, San Antonio, Texas, Best New Artist, 1994
U.S. Art, Wildlife Art Rising Star, 1994
Pacific Rim Wildlife Art Show, Best of Show, “The Patriarch,” 1994
Pacific Rim Wildlife Art Show, Best of Show, “In the Heat of the Day,” 1993

Selected Collections

National Museum of Wildlife Art, Jackson Hole, WY
Wildlife Experience Museum, Parker, CO
Tudor Investments, Greenwich, CT
Hiram Blauvelt Museum, Oradell, NJ
Borsini and Burr, San Francisco, CA
The American Patriot Building, Evansville, IN
Yellowstone Club, Warren Miller Lodge, Big Sky, MT
Mary Hart, Host, Entertainment Tonight
Dave Liniger, Founder, RE/MAX Int.
Tom Siebel, Founder, C3
Bob Parsons, Founder,
Richard Childress, Team Owner, NASCAR
Dick & Mary Cabela, Owners, Cabelas
Chris Dorsey, CEO of Orion Entertainment
Jack Hanna, Director, Columbus Zoo & TV host of “Jack Hanna’s Wild Countdown” and “Into the Wild”
Norman Schwarzkopf Jr., U.S. Army General
Ross Perot Jr., Chairman, Perot Systems



"John Banovich not only possesses the vision to capture nature on canvas with unmatched insight and skill, he also extends that vision to saving the wild places that mean so much to all of us. He is an unrivaled artist and conservationist and a gift to those who marvel at the man and his art."  
-Chris Dorsey, CEO and President, Orion Entertainment

“John Banovich has merged the world of wildlife art and conservation in a unique and exciting way. John is able to use his status as world-renowned artist to further conservation efforts even in the remotest parts of the world, working to save Siberian tigers in the Russian Far East, lions in Africa, and even the brown bears of North America. John brings energy, imagination, and leadership to the conservation arena, seeking new partnerships and new mechanisms to save the world's wildlife.” 
- Dale Miquelle, Program Director, Wildlife Conservations Society


"His art has a bigger-than-life feel to it that makes it awe inspiring.”  
-Paul Tudor Jones, Tudor Investments


"John has the special ability to capture and share his passion and love for Africa through wildlife painting. The connection to each piece, along with his dedication to the protection and preservation of the wildlife and environment is truly spectacular. He is a true advocate for the protection and preservation of African wildlife and land, John Banovich, brings the beauty of Africa to enthusiasts worldwide through his exceptional pieces of wildlife art. I wouldn’t have wanted to be shown Africa by anyone besides John. Having the opportunity to see the land and wildlife with my family by someone so passionate was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I plan on doing every year. To have a painting of the experience makes the memory even more unforgettable."  
-Mike Meldman, Founder and CEO, Discovery Land Co.

“The painting just reminds me so much of the real thing. It’s the details that count: the wrinkles on the tusk and brow, the clouds of dust rising from the massive feet, the birds scampering to avoid the charge. That’s like the real thing that you would see in Africa.”  
-Richard Childress, President/CEO of Richard Childress Racing

“John Banovich has raised the bar for excellence in wildlife art. His work is among the best in the world. When you read his story, it gives you a deeper respect for the man behind the art and enhances an already unparalleled visual experience.”  
-Dick and Mary Cabela, Founders, Cabela’s – World’s Foremost Outfitter