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January 15-18, 2015
Dallas Safari Club Annual Convention
Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center
650 S Griffin St Dallas, TX

John Banovich is a long time donor and supporter of Dallas Safari Club and DSC has collaborated on several Banovich Wildscapes Foundation projects in its efforts to conserve the Siberian Tiger. Banovich is best known for painting bold and dramatic scenes of iconic wildlife and nature in its most essential form, and has achieved uncommon popularity among art collectors and sportsmen across the globe. Through his own conservation work with the Banovich Wildscapes Foundation, and through his breathtaking visual narratives, the artist has brought the plight of wildlife and wild places to the attention of an international audience. Banovich has established an especially close connection to the lion during his research in Africa (38 safaris) and his work to conserve lions through the Lion PRIDE Initiative. This year Banovich presents a stunning portrayal of a battle weary male lion, titled “Price of the Crown.”