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Society of Animal Artists

56th Annual Exhibition

Houston Museum of Natural Science, Houston, TX

September 23, 2016 – January 1, 2017

An Elephant Under Her Bed, 2014
oil on belgian linen
24 x 36 in
(60.96h x 91.44w cm)

Every child goes through a life stage when they are irrationally afraid of monsters. Even animals may have this experience. The title “An Elephant Under Her Bed” tells the story about why this tiger cub is afraid of an unidentified noise while her mother has remained calm. The cub is following its’ instincts to be fearful of something it cannot identify and the mother knows, it is only an elephant, something she has seen many times before. The painting also opens the door to an important and much larger conversation, as the elephant represents the real monster under her bed…large-scale habit loss and human-tiger conflict with a significant increase in poaching.