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The Banovich Wildscapes Foundation is proud to join the LiveWidlLife Education Foundation for the Chem Chem Lion Project to raise funds for the purchase of GPS collars enabling anti-poaching initiatives to track the movement of lions between the Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara and Tarangire National Parks.  

The mission of the Chem Chem Lion Project is to re-create and save the last corridor between the two ecosystems of Tarangire and Manyara which is essential for the entire ecosystem of Northern Tanzania. Knowing what threats the lions are under and the massive growth of the Tanzania population, a proper lion overview project will be a big help to save these amazing animals and teach the communities how to live among lions.

Funds are needed to continue and maintain our lion research program in collaboration with the Tarangire Lion Reseach program. It is essential for our concession (WMA Burunge) to get a full understanding of the movements of the lions in our corridor which connects two important eco-systems: Tarangire in the South and Manyara in the North. Further we believe that the collaring of the three prides we have will help us to understand better the danger for the communities living around our concession. To start a strong cooperation with these communities and convince them that lions are important for the eco-system we need to take their worries, fears and threats serious. Knowing where the lions are will not just help us to protect them but also make sure the communities feel safe living around them.