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2015 Highlight

After nearly 5 years in the making we have now completed our new 6,500 square foot Art Center in one of the most beautiful places in Nor th America, Paradise Valley, Montana. Inside you will be transported through art to some of the wildest places on earth. New art and new stories will continually emerge from behind the 10 foot doors. A place that will continue to evolve with timeless creative energy, every visit will be a unique guest experience. We will be hosting special events, public appearances and impor tant exhibitions; centered on the celebration of Wildlife, Wild Places and the important role both play in enriching our lives.

Through this cultural platform we hope to imbue an understanding that art can move, reveal and inspire to seek a deeper understanding of the world around us; it can paint a face on an idea, a region, a cause and help engage us at visceral level to conserve our wildlife heritage.

You are all welcome to come and visit as something WILD awaits you!

Asante’ Sana
John Banovich, 2015