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Cicero once said “Art is Born of the Observation and the Investigation of Nature”. 

What pleasures await one on the journey to somewhere wild. The anticipation of cool, clear water; wind carrying the scent of pine or acacia; wild vistas as far as the eye can see. Nothing obstructing the eye in this perfect landscape.  Watching wild beasts, representing millions of years of perfect evolution, simply, just be. These are the places that inspire us; lift our spirits and renew our passion for living. These are the places I travel to each year.  Each time I see the wild, timeless wilderness I feel I am seeing it for the first time. Each time I paint it, it is as if I am painting it for the first time. These are the dreams we hope to inspire at the Banovich Art Center in Paradise Valley. We welcome each and every one of you, to come out west, take in the culture, the outdoor recreation, the magnificent Yellowstone Park and visit the art center, to experience some of the wildest places on earth!

Safari salama rafiki yangu,
John Banovich